We are wholeheartedly dedicated to the four-fold mission that as a church, our primary reason for being is:

  1. Evangelize the Lost
  2. Worship God
  3. Disciple Believers
  4. Show Compassion

At Exchange, you can plan to hear from itinerating missionaries as they visit and share with us regularly. Through messages and meetings we hope you’ll be encouraged and find that everyone can participate in missions.

Included in our missions strategy is to be a sending church. We will prayerfully send teams on local, national, and international trips to serve where He sends us. We know while many will go with us on these short-term missions journeys, some we will be sending on long-term assignments. While we are excited for both, we prayerfully anticipate celebrating those we will have the honor of sending as US Missionaries, World Missionaries, and Church Planters.

We believe God is doing great things around the world, and we can be a part of what He is doing by praying, by giving, and by going. Below you will find the missionaries we support on a monthly basis:

Wendy & Jeremy
Thea, Tobin & Ivanna

Wendy and Jeremy Osborne are in their first term as newly appointed AGWM missionaries to Eurasia Northwest. With a heart for church planting, leadership development, and seeing nations changed for Christ, the Osbornes are excited to begin their journey in Kiev, Ukraine.

In Kiev, they attend language school and serve in a variety of capacities, particularly enjoying opportunities to invest in leadership development as they prepare for church planting down the road. Following language acquisition, the Osbornes plan to actively be involved where ever God leads in the church planting movement throughout Eurasia Northwest.

Brian & Angie
Ellie & Jordan

Reconciling students to Christ: transforming the university, the marketplace, and the world.